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Brief description of "Shop to Earn"
Shop to Earn gets Media Exposure (MSNBC)
Internet's first eco-friendly shopping portal now has a foundation dedicated to saving our planet.

Shop to Earn (Shop to Earth) is a Network Marketing Business that allows you to shop online (what you usually shop anyways at major retailers you go every week) while getting discounts, cash-back, and monthly residual income from referrals brought to your network either by you or others on both your upline and downline.

Shop to Earn acts as a bridge between the buyer and a store, letting the store know that the buyer visiting is being referred by you, therefore granting you a commission over the sale. This is called "Affiliate Program".

There are many ways you can setup an Affiliate Program Link Based Web Site (such as this one you are visiting right now WWW.STOLINK.COM), where you can make a commission every time somebody purchases at a store linked from your web site using particular coded links.

The big difference is, that with Shop to Earn you don't have to spend huge moneys on programming, web and graphics design, marketing campaigns to promote your web site, nor generate traffic or consuming too much time updating broken links and keeping up with renewing agreements.

With Shop to Earn you own an online store and let them take care of all the hassle; no inventories, no fees, no programming needed, all you need to do is buy a mandatory monthly minimum of $100 on products you already buy anyways and make sure 2 people join your network and do the same.

Shop to Earn in less than one month will either break you even (if you refer 3 people) or generate up to $4,000.00 the very first month by referring 7 more people for a total of 10 on your network. And this will multiply exponentially every month.

In the worse case scenario if everyone just referred 2, after 12 months the member would have 8,191 Brokers/Website Owners/Members in the downline (not counting the auto referrals from the upline which keep falling automatically under the member and all members in the downline), the member receives 200 points for every Broker referred, so lets do the math:

  • 8,191 Brokers x 200 points = 1,638,200 points
  • 1,638,200 points = $100,000.00* (This is just the referral part of the business)
  • Plus $100 for each Broker you refer.

The member gets paid over and over again for something done once. It now has 8,191 Brokers in the business who are shopping, referring and earning. Lets do more math:

  • 8,191 Brokers/Members spending $100/month through one of the major retailers with 10% store payout = 81,910 points
  • 8,191 Brokers/Members spending the mandatory at ShopToEarth with a 15% store payout = 122,865 points
  • 81,910 points + 122,865 points = 204,000 points
  • 204,000 points = Over $20,000+ per month in residual income.

Now, the casual purchases are not for sure, people may or may not buy; but the mandatory is the hook, since every single one of the members must buy a minimum of $100/month to get paid. That means that for sure the member is perciving at least $14,000.00 per month (not counting the casual non-mandatory purchases and not counting the 200 points and/or the $100 plus 200 points per referral).

By far this is the most advanced business model ever. Earning income by shopping what needs to be shopped anyways. If communities could get organized, this would totally create them wealth. Imagine a subdivision or neiborhood community referred underneath all of its home owners... All the purchasing needed for the community will create wealth to all its home owners if not waiving the association's monthly fees and create funding for community maintenance and improvements (if referred above the home owners)... Hoses, Mulch, Detergents, Tools, Ladders, Equipment, Furniture, Appliances... Anything you can think of... Shop to Earn even has Dental Insurance! Imagine the company you work for purchasing the Dental Insurance through your website!

View a brief video (below) from Shop to Earn explaining the business model.
Remember before you join, make sure you have at least 2 people ready to join under you,
and everything will go great!

This video player requires javascript and Flashplayer 9 or higher.
To Download the latest version of the Flash Player Click Here.

To become a Shop to Earn Broker go to
click on "My Account" (top right) then click on "Join Now" (top right).
Make sure you have at least 2 people ready to join under you.



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